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The Blockchain Opportunity

According to IDC Research, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to be $16 billion in 2023, 60% CAGR. Billions of dollars in venture capital is being invested annually, helping blockchain startups lead the “Web 3.0” transformation.  Blockchain has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technologies throughout the next decade.

The Blockchain Challenge

Realizing the full potential of blockchain isn’t easy.  Its immutable and distributed nature poses new challenges across the entire software development lifecycle.  As does designing for performance, scale and security.

Acquiring and retaining blockchain development expertise is difficult. The rapid pace of blockchain innovation and new development platforms is difficult to keep up with.  It’s advantageous to partner with blockchain experts that already possess the hands-on experience that’s required.

Oneiro Can Help

Oneiro has spent the past three years at the forefront of blockchain architecture and development.  We’ve learned a lot, and want to leverage our experience to help make your blockchain and digital asset projects a success.  Whether for a new startup company, financial institution, or reserve bank – we’re here to help.  Examples of our services include the following:

  • Blockchain platform selection and architecture
  • Custom, high performance and scalable design
  • Implementing monetary policy and CBDC’s on blockchain
  • Secure, inter blockchain communication
  • Low-latency transaction finality
  • Porting of Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to additional platforms
  • Creating security tokens and programming smart contracts
  • Node operations and de-centralized governance

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