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Earn ndau by completing tasks that support a healthy ecosystem.


The ndau nlighten Program

The ndau nlighten program has been established to help promote ndau’s growth and success.

It incentivizes community-driven activities in the areas of marketing, education and technology.

Funding for nlighten rewards are obtained through ndau’s EAI Service Fees (Ecosystem Funding).

ndau is optimized for a long-term store of value, intended to be held for years.  Learn more at ndau.io

How it Works

A list of available tasks is maintained on this page.

Choose and complete a task exactly as described, then submit the completion form below.

The number of tasks is finite. Completed tasks are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis.

After your activity completion form is verified, we will send ndau to your wallet on November 30th.

ndau is sent to an account with a 6-month lock period, earning ndau at a rate of 9% annualized (EAI).

nlighten Activites for October & November 2019

Last update: October 18th at 2pm EST

October & November Rewards (total): 125 ndau

October & November Tasks (total): 420 tasks

Task Category# of Tasks available to complete in this CategoryTask DetailsYour Reward for completing this Task
(you can complete all the tasks, but each task can only be done once by an individual)
Medium Article20 tasks
(0 completed)
Write an objective article about ndau on Medium.com (minimum 500 words). Suggested topics include potential new use cases for ndau, ideas for new features, and how you see ndau contributing to improved monetary policy and the broader ecosystem of digital currencies.

You must include the following sentence at the end of your article: "The article is based on my own objective analysis of ndau and was subsequently submitted to its nlighten program (link)."

We reserve the right to reject any article that we feel isn’t a legitimate, independent piece put out under an author's real name.
3 ndau

Oneiro will also choose what we feel is the best submitted article of the month and reward the author an additional 25 ndau.
Tweet - nlighten program100 tasks
(0 completed)
Tweet about the ndau nlighten program, include a link to the program page (link), @ 5 of your friends in your tweet, include the #ndau hashtag and follow @ndau_collective.0.1 ndau
Tweet - explainer video100 tasks
(0 completed)
Tweet about the the ndau explainer video, include a link to the video (link), @ 5 of your friends in your tweet, include the #ndau hashtag and follow @ndau_collective.0.1 ndau
Telegram Post100 tasks
(0 completed)
Join our ndau Telegram Community (link) and post a question about ndau that you'd like us to answer.0.1 ndau
Reddit Post100 tasks
(0 completed)
Join our ndau Reddit Community (link) and post a question about ndau that you'd like us to answer.0.1 ndau

Activity Completion Form

Fill out this form once you have completed a Task.

(for a Telegram task, enter your Telegram username)

We will reply to you via email to confirm the completion of your task.



Email us at support@oneiro.freshdesk.com.

Oneiro has entered into a service contract with the Axiom Foundation.  Axiom, an Isle of Man entity, oversees ndau, under the guidance of a Blockchain Policy Council, elected by holders of ndau.  Pursuant to this service agreement, Oneiro is responsible for providing a range of development and marketing services to the Axiom Foundation.

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