Chris Quirk
CEO - ndev

As a veteran of eight start-ups, Chris has helped launch many first-version products. A proven executive, mentor and coach, that can operate in both the business and technology worlds, and translate between the two. His team-first approach combined with a dedication to maximizing individual talent has created lasting, loyal teams. His understanding of technology, business and data has resulted in strategic shifts, allowing his companies to enter new markets, save millions or pivot to a more appropriate market fit, leaving them more aligned, efficient and agile. Chris has a long history of using data to support community collaboration. Most recently he created a new Assessment platform for ANet which used data visualization to identify gaps in student mastery of standards. At Viximo he created one of the first services to manage virtual currencies for social networking applications. And at eRoom he built vertical specific solutions on top of a generalize collaboration platform. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in Government.

Ed McNierney
CTO - ndev

Ed McNierney has served as a Chief Technology Officer and senior engineering executive at a wide range of technology companies, from two-person startups to the Fortune 100. He has commercialized innovations from high-end graphics hardware to multi-terabyte online mapping services and has been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community since 2014. Most recently he led competition design and engineering at the XPRIZE Foundation, driving radical innovations in artificial intelligence, VR, robotic avatars, and machine learning. And as CTO and VP of Engineering at the One Laptop per Child Foundation he managed the hardware and software teams that brought personal computing to millions of children in developing countries. Ed has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Dartmouth College.

Kent Quirk
VP Engineering

Kent Quirk has nearly 40 years of software engineering and management experience. He has led projects and teams in a variety of settings, including several startups as well as Fortune 100 companies. His diverse technology background includes consumer software, computer games, educational software, graphics and visualization, medical devices and other embedded systems, and cloud computing. Kent graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

Kris Pelchat
SR Software Engineer

Kris came to ndev with 18 years of commercial systems engineering experience in software product development and technical operations. He has expertise in the full software development lifecycle (specializing in Agile) from requirements definition through deployment as well as architecting and implementing solutions from system to software to create scalable applications.. He is a full stack engineer with exceptional skills in a wide variety of languages and technologies. Kris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

John Greenland
SR Software Engineer

John Greenland has 35+ years of software engineering experience. A successful software consultant, he was principal at LDRA Ltd, responsible for enterprise products for their fortune 100 client portfolio. His resume includes senior applications engineering positions at Telargo, Green Hills Software and Rational Software. John is a graduate UC Irvine and has an MBA from Boston University.

Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus
Software Engineer

Peter is a backend engineer with over three years of experience building systems software. As a consultant, he led the backend teams for Patch, a medical startup, and Cardamom, a social media startup. He is expert in the design and implementation of scalable, performant, tested software infrastructure. In a previous career, he spent eight years as a Warrant Officer in the US Army, flying the UH-60 Blackhawk. He graduated with distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Marko Cekic
Advisor - Consultant

Marko is a seasoned Fintech and Payments entrepreneur and operational leader with extensive experience in global consumer payments and related operational and technology areas. He has a diverse background as a founding partner of a financial services consulting practice, a three-time Fintech Startup co-founder, board member, advisor and investor. 
Marko is presently focused on developing Consumer Applications of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency, including cross-border payments, electronic value storage and exchange, and crypto-financing. Marko holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and Columbia University.

John Lester
Product Management

John Lester has worked in software development, product design, knowledge engineering and community development for over 20 years. He has led projects and teams in a variety of settings from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and his diverse background includes immersive learning, online communities, VR/AR, artificial life, natural language processing and content analytics. With a background in neuroscience and medical informatics, John developed immersive medical education platforms and online patient support communities at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He co-founded L0pht Heavy Industries, one of the first computer security hackerspaces in the US, led market development in education at Linden Lab, and has worked on product and community development with Ravencoin, an Open Source community-organized project building an issuance platform for traditional securities and assets to become tokenized using blockchain technology.

Josh Anderson
Software Engineer

Josh Anderson is a full-stack software engineer with 10 years of experience building applications with a focus on measurable results, automation, and testing. In 2015, Josh founded Also Engineering to help clients achieve their business goals with software applications. Previously, Josh was an analyst at RTI International, perfecting education, literacy and communication software tools. Josh has a BA in Psychology from Columbia University where he studied computer science.

Eric Schmidt
Principal Software Engineer

Eric has over 20 years of engineering experience tackling a wide range of challenging problems. He has a Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Graphics from Oakland University, and has put it to good use creating complex systems in the game industry for Disney and Activision. He also holds a patent related to computer search technology and has published papers in the field of Number Theory.

Derick Quartey
Software Engineer

Derick is currently focused on frontend development using React and Redux and is working on the ndau wallet application. He has attended the City College of New York and the Flatiron School and has developed and maintained enterprise and data products across a wide range of platforms.