Rapidly bring to market new digital currencies with customizable monetary policies.

Digital Currencies Are Here to Stay

Digital currencies represent a new paradigm for money. Blockchain allows for the decentralization of trust while aligning incentives and governance toward common objectives.  New financial instruments are being created by implementing monetary policy on a blockchain, including fiat-backed stablecoins and other currencies for savings, earning and lending.  Many financial institutions and reserve banks are building internal development teams to establish a leadership position.

Developing Digital Currencies Isn’t Easy

Developing institutional grade digital currencies isn’t easy.  Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS and Tezos provide you with a consensus engine and often smart contracts.  Building a digital currency application using software from such blockchain platforms, however, is entirely up to you.

The application that must be built from the ground up is time consuming and requires acquiring large amounts of blockchain development expertise.  Some factors that must be considered once embarking on your own customizable digital currency include account management, configurable security, node operations, staking rewards and monetary policy implementation.

Oneiro Can Help

Oneiro has spent the past three years at the forefront of blockchain development building its Digital Currency Platform. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.  This software platform allows financial institutions and central banks to rapidly bring to market new highly scaleable digital currencies with fully customizable monetary policies.  Customizable software coupled with an easy to use API minimizes development time and alleviates the pain often associated with do-it-yourself projects.

The Oneiro Digital Currency Platform is designed for flexibility, configurability, customizable monetary policies, institutional grade security and future proofing to new requirements.



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