Rapidly bring to market new digital currencies with customizable, interest-bearing monetary policies.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Digital currencies represent a new paradigm for money.  These new financial instruments leveraging blockchain hold great promise to improve financial inclusion by transitioning to a cashless society and banking the unbanked.

Developing institutional grade digital currencies isn’t easy.  Building a CBDC application is time consuming and requires acquiring large amounts of blockchain expertise and development that goes far beyond the base compliance protocol layer offered by existing general-purpose platforms.

Oneiro for CBDC Development

Oneiro has spent the past three years at the forefront of blockchain development. We have built a platform that is specifically tailored to bring to market CBDCs in emerging market economies with their sovereign wealth funds.

The Oneiro Digital Currency Platform allows central banks and other financial institutions to rapidly bring to market new secure, scaleable digital currencies with fully customizable monetary policies.  An easy to use API and accompanying wallet app code minimizes development time and alleviates the complexity associated with building CBDC applications.

Leveraging Oneiro’s platform doesn’t compromise the flexibility needed for customization and changing requirements.  The platform is designed to be future proof and supports new, interest bearing products that will span well beyond the first generation of CBDCs.


Oneiro’s Digital Currency Platform

Quickly bring to market new digital currencies with customizable, interest-bearing monetary policies.  The software platform and its brandable wallet app consists of the following:

 capabilities of Oneiro's CBDC platform

The Oneiro Digital Currency Platform is:

features of the Oneiro CBDC platform


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